Outer Circles

Ways of joining the TDB

Today the only initiator in TDB is Mavesper Cy Ceridwen. It means that to join TDB you need to start initiatory bounds with her. But before that it is necessary to develop a personal and real relationship. Although Mavesper performs distance training, people who apply for it need to be known for quite a while, to have a defined relationship with the Goddess and our religion and to make a commitment to periodic meetings.

To catter for people who want to know the TDB and to receive basic instructions of our religion, the TDB keeps the OUTER CIRCLES.

How do our Outer Circles work?

The Outer Circles of the TDB are open to any participant with a view of witchcraft compatible with our tradition. Basically they have two functions:

1) To disseminate safe knowledge on Wicca and Witchcraft to any people who want to learn its practice and theory;

2) To serve as a point of contact with members of the TDB in order to form ties that may in the future become dedication commitments.

The Outer Circles meet once a month, with two hours of theory and two hours of joint celebration. Periodically we open registration for those circles, if you’re interested, sign up here that we will contact you in the next registration periods.

Outer Circles of the TDB in operation:

DF – contact: mavesper@gmail.com

SP – contact: arthemisneoma@gmail.com

MG – contact: allysmadron@gmail.com

PA – contact: mroselisousa@gmail.com

If you want to learn Wicca and Witchcraft with the TDB this is the right place for you. Welcome!


O mais antigo e tradicional encontro de bruxas e bruxos brasileiros, o BBB, que se realiza em Brasília ininterruptamente desde 1999.

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Trabalho Público

O TDB participa ativamente dos seguintes órgãos e entidades:

  • Abrawicca – Associação Brasileira de Arte e Filosofia da Religião Wicca
  • IBWB – Igreja Wicca e Bruxaria do Brasil
  • URI – Iniciativa das Religiões Unidas