Our Practice

All members of the TDB keep daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly devotional practices. We celebrate all the 5 phases of the Moon (full, waning, dark, new and waxing) and the 8 sabbats. In addition we have threaded magic works on various subjects, works of self-knowledge and we encourage all sorts of rational knowledge useful to witchcraft (mythology, herbs, scents, colors, oracles, astrology etc).

We see the practice of Wicca as a daily and permanent exercise, not restricted to rituals. Our ritual moments, however, are the special space for worship and knowledge of the gods, being precious and encouraged.

We celebrate Festivals for the Goddesses and Gods of the TDB and other particular celebrations of each group.

Our Grove has a monthly meeting of mandatory attendance for all the priestesses, priests and dedicants, whether or not they are in groups.

Our Circles of Practice are instructed in order to become Covens, and their experiences are weekly, as well as the meetings of the Mother Coven.

Every January, celebrating the beginning of the Ogham Calendar, we meet in Brasilia to celebrate the anniversary of the TDB together with the Silver Circle Coven. This annual Esbat of the TDB is a unique moment of exchange, harmony, unity and brotherhood.

Public Work

The TDB actively participates in the following organs and entities:

Abrawicca – The Brazilian Association of Art and Philosophy of the Wicca Religion – www.abrawicca.com.br

IBWB – Wicca and Witchcraft Church of Brazil – www.ibwb.com.br

URI – United Religions Initiative – http://www.uribrasil.org.br/site/Brazil

WE ALSO SUPPORT ALL the ACTIVITIES of the Gaia Paganus Project and the Social pagan Meeting – www.projetogaiapaganus.com.br