Minimum requirements to initiation request in the Dianic Tradition Brazil

1. To live the Perfect Love and Perfect Confidence (PLPC) in concrete, accepting and fulfilling without reservations all commitments that this entails.

2. To be willing to walk an endless path of self-knowledge, improvement and search for balance in all aspects of your life.

3. To copy by hand the Dedicants’ Book in full, including the annexes.

4. To celebrate all the phases of the Moon and all the Esbats as it’s determined by your Grove. At the full moon, in addition to the Rite proposed to the Grove, make the Rite of Connection with the TDB Ancestors, pleading your entry in it.

5. To celebrate with your Grove every time that it is determined, at least once a month.

6. To develop a special personal cult to Dannu (also to Brigit and Aine) and Cy.

7. To celebrate at least one Brazilian Goddess, at the moon phase of your choice.

8. To make a daily connection with your Goddessmother letting her guide your paths.

9. To light a candle in honor of your Sun sign every week using the traditional prayer to perceive your essence and integration in the Goddess.

10. To take care of your Magic Self, Astral Temples (individual’s and Grove’s), Power Animal (obtained through shamanic techniques) and Personal Guardian.

11. To set your personal altar according to the customs of the TDB.

12. To do all magic defense tasks determined by your Grove.

13. To do ALL the proposed activities in Dedicants’ Book.

14. To acquire the minimum ritual, practical and theoretical skills to be considered for Initiation.

15. To have done the Basic Wicca course and have participated in at least in one re-consecration of the womb or re-consecration of the phallus, along the lines of the TDB.

16. To read all the mandatory books, summarize them and demonstrate your comprehension and understanding.

17. To do all the established routines for your Grove.

18. To have completed the tasks and to get positive assessment in the following works set out in the annexes of the Dedicants’ Book:

  • Annex I – Dedicants’ routine
  • Annex II – Fairy Pentacles
  • Annex III – The Goddess Rosary
  • Annex IV – The Love Cup
  • Annex V – Dark Goddess: an encounter of love
  • Annex VI – Healing Journeys
  • Annex VII – Magic Training

(NOTE: we know that many unscrupulous people who have had brief contact with the TDB disclose or try to disclose part of these works on the web. When you encounter this situation, please REPORT at once. This structure was originally created by Mavesper Cy Ceridwen and Naelyan Wyvern, to whom all copyrights belong).

19. To participate actively in Abrawicca, because we are a tradition with the vocation for public work of clarifying and teaching about Wicca in general.

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O mais antigo e tradicional encontro de bruxas e bruxos brasileiros, o BBB, que se realiza em Brasília ininterruptamente desde 1999.

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Trabalho Público

O TDB participa ativamente dos seguintes órgãos e entidades:

  • Abrawicca – Associação Brasileira de Arte e Filosofia da Religião Wicca
  • IBWB – Igreja Wicca e Bruxaria do Brasil
  • URI – Iniciativa das Religiões Unidas